Eligibility and Verification ​of Benefits

Effortless Eligibility and Benefit Verification Process​

Patient eligibility refers to a process that determines if someone can receive medical care within a specific health plan. This involves checking whether such details as the patient’s demography, coverage of his/her insurance, and any other useful data that can indicate his/her qualification for medical services. Evaluating patient eligibility properly helps to make billing less complicated hence preventing denial of claims.

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Eligibility Verification

Effective Eligibility Verification to Decrease Claim Denials

We ensure seamless care and access for enhanced patient support.

Faster Delivery of Care

Improve the pace of care delivery by streamlining the prior authorization process. Patients can be booked for care reviews with physicians more quickly thanks to our rapid processing. This not only increases patient happiness by reducing delays, but it also maximizes physician usage, resulting in a more seamless healthcare experience for all parties involved.


Reduce Bad Debts

Our early determination of patient responsibility for payments leads to less bad debt and more cash collection, resulting in a more positive financial outlook. This proactive approach reduces patient debt and increases point-of-service (POS) collections. The result is not only better cash collection, but also increased patient satisfaction due to clear financial transactions.


Specialized Services

We have considerable experience working with major commercial and government healthcare payers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Aetna, Humana, and United Healthcare. Our devoted staff works across medical specialties, operates in many states, and serves practices of all sizes. This range of knowledge provides a thorough and adaptable approach to meeting your individual requirements.


Cost-Efficient Verification

By using our eligibility and benefits verification services, you can save more than 40%. Unlike expensive in-house verification processes, our offshore team members quickly manage work backlog and meticulously complete each request, offering a cost-effective solution to ensure your operational demands are met with precision and affordability with our streamlined verification services.